Who We Are

The Softbrains are two Canadian honkies from Central Manitoba. Not a whole lot happens in the small town of Winkler, Manitoba so they wanted to make a bit of noise and share it with the world.
And now the history of the Softbrain: Justin and Clarke were once dog sitting a dog that was and is lacking in intelligence. She had a bump on the back of her head, which Google told them was an “Occipital Protuberance”. Bump-head had a well protected brain. Like this dumb dog, Justin and Clarke, like bump-head, are lacking in intelligence. The podcast helps keep their Softbrains nice and undamaged. Hopefully it helps your  little Softbrain too.
Clarke Wainikka is one half of the Softbrains. She’s a small town gal with a penchant for foolishness and clumsy mishaps. Clarke’s catch phrases include “stop it, Justin”, “marg”, and “I know nothing”. She loathes houses that have floating doors (exterior doors with no steps), the sound of scraping ice off a windshield, and littering. Nothing in the world compares to the sadness Clarke feels when she finds a tomato in her food.
Justin Parisian is Softbrain number 2. This swarthy ox grew up in Winnipeg but prefers the country living with fiancé Clarke. Unfortunately, for Clarke and the rest of the world, he has very little shame. He enjoys moonlit walks on the beach, pulling the covers off all his pillows in his sleep, and copious amounts of varying meats and sausages. He accompanies Clarke as he is a professional tomato disposal unit.